Thanks everybody for your poop ideas, Molly is pooping with some regularity now, woo hoo !!

We think it must have been the poly vi sol vitamins the Dr. told us to start with her... too much iron, I am sure you get the picture.

My Skype is down for some reason and I can't call Mike. I hope he can call here since he is the techno geek and I am fundamentally computer illiterate after years of forced geekiness with EDS (where Every Day Sucks)

No words, just photos today


Mike and Molly went to Civil Affairs again today to pick up her paperwork. While they were there they saw our friends Cheryl & Paul with their new son. Mike was so taken by this little guy (who is 8!), I hope that means he's open to a little boy adoption next !!

They went to the water show tonight by the hotel, Mike says it's like the water show at the Bellagio in Vegas.

They also toured an ancient street in Hangzhou, all sorts of shops and things to see. Mike bought the kids presents, and himself a few things as well !

Mike said Molly was quite naughty this afternoon, really testing the limits with Mike. She threw things and just tested the heck out of him, but she does understand NO and he said she listened ok to him.

Tomorrow they tour Tea country, he is very excited about this because he is a big tea drinker.


Mike got Molly to laugh today. He even got a few video clips of it, I am having a real problem with iphoto though and can't get them to load into blogspot.... so I took a break and went on a hayride with the kids and now I am back to try again... hope it works this time. He took alot of photos at West Lake.

The little smiling girl

Mike finally got her to smile today ! (if only he could get her to poop!)

Oh that smile !!

Mike finally got her to smile today !! (if only he could get her to poop!)

Morning tour of West Lake

This morning my guide Veronica took us out to see West Lake and the park. Our driver picked us up at the hotel and we head off to West Lake. It's very beautiful and a pleasant drive. Let me say one thing about the driving, it's more like oragnized chaos. It seems to work pretty well, bikes everywhere, cars, pedestrians, all weaving in and out of each other. Each and every person with the thought "They won't hit me". But it happens I'm sure.

Our first stop was the "dancing park", in the morning people gather to practice Tai Chi, then throughout the day, it's ballroom type dancing. I was the center of attention throughout the day, being a white person with a Chinese baby. As I found out as many people stared and glanced cusiously, they thought that Veronica and I were married and Molly was a mixed race baby. To those who asked, Veronica explained the adoption to them and everyone wished us well and said I was very kind.

We went to a open grass park where other families were having picnics and just enjoying the day. I helped Molly out of the stroller but she didn't want to leave my side. She wasn't too interested in other babies, only looking, didn't want to interact, just look curiously.
I was the center of attention there as well, many other families with babies came up to us and Veronica must've gotten tired saying that her and I weren't a couple and Molly is not a mixed race baby. Veronica said that adoption of Chinese babies is not that well known in Zhiejang province. Everyone said that she has beautiful eyes, and she 'looks foreign', and looks like me.

We were waiting for our driver to pick us up to go to the next stop and a group of men gathered around us and asked many questions about Molly and me. It feels just like when I would take my girl Katie places when she was just an infant, all the women would gather to say how pretty she was.

Our next stop was a park where they had a lot of goldfish and peacocks. We started to go into the park and saw the peacocks, but Molly started to cry and was obviously tired. So we called the driver and he brought us back to the hotel. They have a peacock garden inside the hotel also, which is inside a restaraunt.

We're resting now as housekeeping is cleaning our roon, Molly sure makes a mess when she eats. She doesn't really suck on a bottle, she chews on it, so it takes her a LONG time too eat. I made bigger holes in a couple of nipples, but then it would pour out of her mouth and make a bigger mess.

Once housekeeping is done, I am going to try to get her down for a nap. I'm not able to watch Lost on abc.com because the website only allows people from the US to watch. So I'm downloading Lost now, but it will take a long time.

I'll let Erin post some of the pictures I took. I can only create a post, I cannot look at anything on blogspot.com due to the restrictions on websites here in China.


Here are a few picture of the area around West Lake. I have been looking at these pictures for months, imagining myself there with Molly. I hope Mike can visit these places while touring tomorrow.

Do the leaves change there? how breathtaking will it be with the fall folliage?

More photos


I'm finally going to post on the blog, me, Mike. Here is something I wrote in the airport in LA, and on the flight to China.


I'm off to China to meet my daughter. Things are going pretty smooth after a hectic few days of packing, running around and double and triple checking my bags and paperwork. I have no idea what to expext when I get there but it'll be fine I'm sure.

In the security checkpoint line in Detroit I was behind a family of four struggling to get through security with all their infant carriers, strollers and whatnot. For a few moments, I was playing peekaboo with the little girl and she either enjoyed it, or thought I was weird. Later on in LA waiting for my departure to Guangzhou, I started thinking that soon enough, I will be playing peekaboo with Molly, trying to ease her fears of this new person, let alone a man. Most likely she's never seen or een held by a man before. Too bad! I've never been to China either Molly so suck it up! Just kidding, I'm imagining carrying a struggling, screaming 2 and 1/2 year old everywhere I go. Hopefully it will be better than that. I was talking with a man and woman in LAX about stuff, when the guy told a story about a woman on an all night flight from Spain to the US had 3 toddlers with her and she was alone! Either a very brave and confident woman, or clearly insane. The guy said she took out a bottle of NyQuil and gave each child a sip from the bottle, and they slept most of the flight.

10/27/06 - Somewhere over Russia near the Sea of Okhotsk

Still 5 hours of flight time left. It's about 1:41pm in Detroit as I write this and 1:41am in Guangzhou. China Southern airlines has this premium economy section, that is basically business class. Each seat has a footrest, personal TV screen which is showing an unidentifiable Rob Lowe movie now, Just for Laughs from Montreal, and a smattering of Chinese and British shows. None can hold my interest for very long except for channel 12, it shows information about the plane, it's location, speed, and a map showing where the plane is currently.

Molly, the drinker

1st day done

Mike and Molly made it thru their first 24 hours together. His guide took him to a Walmart like store, and he bought a few things. The rest of the day was pretty much spent in the room just playing and hanging out.

He didn't get any photos today (HUGE BUMMER) but it was so nice to just hear his voice and watch her playing a little on the skype video thing.

Tomorrow they are going on a tour of West Lake, and I know he'll have many many photos then !!

Sorry it's such a non-eventful entry, it's been crazy at home, Katie has stomach flu and vomited all night... I'm exhausted.

More tomorrow, I promise !


Photos photos !!

Mike & Molly, Molly & Mike !

Mike called at 5am, and we got right on Skype video. It was soooo amazing to see them real time. She is precious and I am so in love !

Everything went smoothly at Civil Affairs, and they are back in the hotel room now watching tv and munching on fruit and cheerios. She likes to eat, loves her bath and has a funny yellow dishcloth that she takes everywhere !

And the best part, she has some hearing !!!!

We had no idea just how much or how little she could hear, as her hearing report put her in the 'profoundly deaf' catagory. But Mike calls her by her nickname and she turns immediately to him.


Mike's IN China !!!!

And in 2 hours he will fly north from Guangzhou to Hangzhou, where Molly is !!

Mike's IN CHINA !!!


Mike's flight is currently over Alaska at 34,000 feet. He'll fly north up and around the world, how cool is that? He is on his way to Molly, and I don't think I have ever been more excited in my life. I am so proud of him for making this huge trip alone.

Last night alone with the kids was great. Robby (my 20 year old) was a huge help, and both kids stayed asleep all night. Today is preschool for them, market for me. I need to try to stay busy or I will just go insane wondering if Mike is there yet !

Tomorrow will be Molly Day !!



Best husband award goes to....


We went to a halloween party today, Colin ate too much junk. We came home and got the kids in the tub. Colin promptly has the runs IN the tub, and instead of Mike taking kid duty (getting kids cleaned up and dressed) he takes tub duty and cleans out the entire tub of nasty runnies.

He rocks. And I am damn lucky.


Mike's itinerary !!

10/25 - leave Detroit for LA
10/25 - leave LA for Guangzhou
10/27 - arrive Guangzhou at 9am
10/27 - leave GZ at 11:30am and arrive in Hangzhou at 12:30
10/27 - 3:00 Civil Affairs to PICK UP BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10/28 - Shopping for Molly
10/29 - free day
10/30 - Tour of Xihu (West Lake)
10/31 - Sightseeing
11/01 - Sightseeing
11/02 - INS forms, get Molly's passport
11/03 - Fly to GZ
11/04 - Molly's photo and medical exam
11/05 - Sightseeing to Chen Family's Temple
11/06 - CA appt 9:00am - papers filed - shopping
11/07 - 3:00 pm Consulate interview and pick up Visa for Molly
11/07 - 9pm - FLY HOME !!
11/08 - Arrive in Detroit at 5:14 AM!!!!


Happy Anniversary

Its our anniversary today. We have been married 6 years. Who would have thunk.....

It was a day just like any other, Mike off to school, me off with laundry.... The kids and I enjoyed a nice long nap this afternoon though, and Mike came home from work with a nasty cold and cuddled in for a snooze before dinner.

Now it's Tigers baseball and a bubblebath and then bed.

Mike leaves for China in 19 days. Wow. 19 days.