A few more weeks

We heard from our agency the other day, well... agencies actually. Both agencies contacted us to let us know our TA will be here within 2 weeks. WOW!

We've heard that we won't be able to get a Consulate Appointment (the final step of the process) until mid-October so we may have to wait until Nov. to travel.... we will have to wait and see.

October is China is crazy. The first full week is their National holiday, and everything shuts down so no adoption stuff would take place then. The final 2 weeks in Guangzhou (the city where the american consulate is and were Mike will stay for 7 days) hosts a HUGE trade fair, and hotel prices are jacked up from 100 a night to like 500 a night, not something we can do really (and rooms fill up quickly...) So unless we can squeeze Mike in late Sept, we won't go until Nov. We've waited this long, it is so hard to wait longer but we know she is so well taken care of... it'll be alright.


We just got a letter !


Dear Mr. Mike Davis,

Please accept my greeting to the whole family! I am deeply moved by your mail (or email?). We appreciate so much that your family can adopt Wu, Fengduo. We are so glad that Fengduo will get all of your love and care. Thank you! Fengduo is a very adorable girl, very cute and pretty.

We do not receive your package yet. But I promise I will do what you want when I get it. We will tell Fengduo that these are the gifts mailed from your dad and mom. We are going to teach her to recognize her family members. We will take picture of her and her living environment as a memory for the future.

Chinese have an idiom: predestined affinity brings people together through traveling thousands of miles. We sincerely hope that we can meet each other soon and Fengduo can start to live with your family and experience the warm and love of family soon. Thank you, Mr Davis! Thank the whole family!

Best wishes to the family!

Caidi Wang


Can you believe it? The orphanage director wrote to us about our newest daughter. I cried for like 30 minutes, I long for her so much, I can't believe she'll know who we are now, my heart is so full.



I finally stopped worrying and got the letter/questions drafted for the orphanage package. Now I need to find a suitable box and mail the whole thing off to little miss Molly in Huzhou SWI, Zhejiang Province. I have things for her, candy for the children and make-up for the nannies. Hopefully it will be well received !

What a relief...



Hi my name is Erin and i'm a coffee addict. I found myself being a coffee snob today when at the hospital visiting my mom I couldn't find a decent cup of coffee.

Moreso, I drink alot of coffee. At least 8 cups in the morning. It is half caff though, so I am not like a wired little dog or anything....

My favorite coffee: http://www.schuilcoffee.com



I'm addicted to Swap-bot.

I got cool ribbons from a ribbon swap, and Katie has decided to wear them all at once in her hair. 3 year old girls are sooo fricking funny... I will take pics as soon as the battery for the camera is charged and we tie her all up again.

I'm going to trade in my Dodge Grand Caravan ES for a new Ford Freestyle. I 'really' am not a minivan kinda gal, never have been.... I never felt 'at home' in it, and I am so happy to be getting rid of the damn thing. Now, do I want a blue one or a red/merlot one. I am leaning towards red. Our bedroom will be red once the bathroom remodel is complete... but maybe that will be too much red? I like the dark blue too. Oh, decisions decisions. And now I have to figure out FWD or AWD... what is up with this? Do I need AWD for 5k more? I don't think so. We live in Metro Detroit, the land of the salty roads... I don't think I will be driving in a Maine winter...will I? I think FWD would be more than sufficient, and I get 7 more miles to the gallon with FWD.

I wish the sales guy was nicer... he's sorta a italian badass, I don't like his attitude... you'd think it was end of the month and he was trying to make his quota or something... Geez...