We are finally settling down after a whirlwind holiday last week. My family came to town, Mom, brother John, SIL Yvonne, niece Delaney and of course Robby. We had such a wonderful visit, days full of activities and togetherness and surprisingly, nobody wanted to kill anyone else... bonus.

The family has all gone back to their respective home states now and the dust has settled here at the adobe... the tree and decorations are down, the cookies are eaten, and life has gotten back to usual.... much to the dismay of the kids. They miss everyone, Molly asks for Delaney every morning, and when I tell her that she has gone back to Michigan on an airplane, she just cries and carries on. Colin is especially sad that Robby left - now it's not Robby specifically, but Robby decided to take Charlie, our mini doxie, with him. So Colin is now heartbroken that Charlie has gone to live (or vacation) with Robby for a while. We've talked about getting another dog, but Colin is set on Charlie or nothing. Keep in mind we do have an 8 year old blind golden retriever here, but she isn't exactly a lap dog, like Charlie.

I've got a million pics, I will post tomorrow, once I figure out how I can get them to the mac from my dell.


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