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My boy is on his way to livin' the dream!!! I'm so proud of him.



That's how many miles Robby will be away from me. 2,287 miles from home.

I want to vomit.


7 days

7 days until Robby moves to Los Angeles to start his new life (I know, I can be so melodramatic, but he is my baby damnit)

I am so torn, on one hand I am so excited for him and the possibilities of it all, and the other, well hell, I don't want him to be away from us, and LA, thats like a 5 day car trip to see him. I'm going to have to get used to taking the red eye to see him.

I just can't believe my boy is all grown up and moving on. And I am so sad.



HI SEV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



All I can say is... I will never look at ziplocs the same way again...

I've been having digestive issues for a very long time. Really as long as I can remember. I was diagnosed in 1999 with IBS, and just kind of lived with the fact that I wasn't normal in the poop dept. A few weeks ago I had my thyroid labs run, something I have done yearly because I have a thyroid condition (hashimoto's, which is a hypothyroid autoimmune disease) well I have a new Dr. and she ran a different kind of thyroid panel and one of the tests that came back was an immunoglobin thyroid test that indicated I have an allergy to gluten, wheat, yea pretty much everything I eat on a daily basis...

Well the Dr. had me do a poop test. I had to send away for a poop collection kit and use it. Hence the ziploc. I had to double ziploc the container, and freeze it. Then send it overnight via UPS to Dallas for the tests. It's hot here. It's hotter in Dallas. I hope it makes it there without thawing.

I will know in a couple of weeks what the results are. They will be testing for gluten, dairy and a slew of other things.


storm damage

We had a bad storm on June 8. Here is the damage.


Moving, not moving

Unless Mike gets transferred, we will in fact be here for the unforseeable future. He is keeping all of his options open, and has let his employer know we are definitely up for an out of state position.

But for now, we will be here. So I guess that's good news and bad news.