Ramblings and musings

We got the email we had hoped wouldn't come. We have not been chosen for the beautiful special needs girl on our adoption agency's waiting list. She has ventricular septal defect, and is 12 months old. Her name is JingNing, she is perfect. She went to a family that had heart experience. Although we are heartbroken that we are not going to be her forever family, we are thrilled that over 50 families petitioned for her to be theres. WOW!

We met with the landscape guy today... what a joke. I got his name from another landscape guy who did tree work for us last week, the tree guy couldn't do the grading we need done, or the sod work. What a joke. He told us the price would be around 15k. That's more than our bathroom remodel is costing, and we're making the bathroom 3 times as big as it was originally... BWHAHAHAHA.... time for a second opinion, or even 3 or 4 more.

I see the diabetes educator on Friday, and have been afraid to eat since I was dx'ed last week. I just have NO clue what to eat.... and afraid if I put something in there that doesn't belong, i will get sick....

My moms cardiologist called me yesterday, he told me that I need to start really ragging on her to lose weight or she will die. With her heart arythmia and her weight... she's a stroke waiting to happen. I am happy to say that tomorrow she and I are going to check into Seattle Suttons weight loss program. As far as I can gather, it's like Jenny Craig except the food is fresh. Hope we can get her started on the road to health.

The kids are at a difficult stage, fighting, hitting...i'm exhausted all the time.

Day 1

I've run into so many people who have blogspot blogs I decided I needed to join in too.