Jammies and dresses

I've taken a few bins of clothes out for Molly, but have no idea what size she will be in. I know it won't be 2t, I am speculating it may even be 9-12 months. I know, a 2 1/2 year old in 12 months, it's likely in China.

I've started collecting the things for the suitcase, medicines, toys, clothes, gifts for the nannies and government officials. (women get Arbonne makeup, men get Marlboro Reds in a box)

I fall asleep at night thinking about holding her, and wake up knowing I am one day closer to that dream.


How many days?

Mike will leave for China on Oct. 25th. He will come home on Nov. 8th with our new daughter Molly. That's like 39 days. I can't believe after all this time, more than a year of paperwork and waiting, our time has finally come.

Katie keeps asking if Molly's mommy will be coming home with daddy to stay. How do you explain? How will I explain her own adoption to her? Two adopted kids, 2 homegrown kids, I wish we could have just as many more. 8 is such a happy number. (my husband would fall over ...!)



Our TA is on it's way to Texas ! We heard from Small World (our other agency) and our TA will be in Texas on Tuesday! We're going to try to get a consulate appointment on the 28th of Sept. If the moon and stars aline and God looks favorably on us, Mike could leave for China on Sept. 16th !!

And I just have to say, even though we were DTC with Great Wall and LOI with Small World, Great Wall still 'owns' us (so to speak). Small World has gone sooo much above and beyond that they have to do to make sure we are kept 'in the know'. What an amazing agency. I just can't say enough good things about the whole organization. Amazing - thank you Kathy !

Now, who wants to help me get everything ready for Mike to bring home Molly !!?