Mid-life musings

When you get old enough to wear bi-focals - or I guess the politically correct term is now progressive lenses - nobody bothers to tell you that you need to re-learn EVERYTHING. Stairs, walking, sitting, driving, just LOOKING is a new challenge. The counter girl at DOC said so casually when I picked up my new glasses "you just have to point your nose where you need to look and the correct part of the glasses will follow". Who points their nose when they look, I just move my eyes, not my entire head damnit...

It's been a month with my new glasses, and I still get motion sick when I try to change the radio station in the car, or god forbid, walk down the stairs without looking completely down so that I am looking out the top of my glasses...

I never knew getting old would be such a pain in the ass...


Scratch that last part...

Colin has the vomits....


Random Happy Thoughts

Molly nursed for the first time Sunday. She has been curious about Colin nursing but has only tried a few times and didn't 'get it'. But Sunday she had a good latch and was in a good position and nursed. It was awesome.

Colin - who is still nursing at 3, decided to change the name of nursing from 'nummies' to 'macaroni buttons'.

I hired a pooper scooper company to come out twice a week and scoop poop in my backyard. Oh happy day. It's the best money I have ever spent - only $100.00 a month!!! ( www.petbutler.com )

Robby and I are going to visit his new school in a couple of weeks. ( www.hallmark.edu ) We are going to have dinner with a good friend of mine who lives out there. She has a little girl named Maddy who is just as cute as a button !!

Katie & Colin are both working on potty training, thank GOD !!

I am getting a promotion with work, moving on up to District Manager with Arbonne !!

The dogs are healthy, the cats are healthy, and WE are healthy !!


New piggie:


Boot to the head

Well I got a call from the Ear Institute today, apparently this special insurance we had to get (AND pay for) doesn't even cover the actual BAHA device, just the band...

Now lets do the math...

50.00 a month for a year of enrollment, and they will cover just the little headband that costs about 12.00. WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE????

The Ear Institute cannot help us with this.... Great.... if our own doctor (an ear specialist) can't help us with this, who are we supposed to turn to? Hmmmm???

Why is the world filled with MORONS?


Well damn

Because of some mixed signal someplace, the Dr didn't order the right piece, so now we have to wait a couple more weeks before Molly will be able to get her BAHA.

I held it together long enough to buckle Molly in the carseat, then sat and bawled my eyes out.

What a totally shitty day...


Tomorrow, tomorrow

Molly gets hear hearing aid TOMORROW !!!!!!

Everything came thru and the ear institute has them in stock, so we will pick one up tomorrow !!!!! I don't know how I will sleep tonight, it's like CHRISTMAS !!!!