Here is our beautiful Molly. We received updated photos last week and I just can't stop looking at them. I have copies in the kitchen, on my nightstand, as my desktop and screensaver. I just can't stop studying ever feature and part of her.

We hope to hear of our China approval in a couple of weeks. Then we wait for travel approval and consulate appointments. I scared Mike last night by casually suggesting to him, ya know you COULD travel in August to get her.... he will be in Leeds for 2 weeks in August, so he started to panic! But hey, they have flights from London to Beijing.


Feet off the floor

Our feet haven't touched the floor since last week when we decided to adopt pretty little FengDuo, who will now be named MOLLY MEI DAVIS. I have pulled out all of my 12-18 month clothes to get ready for her, along with the little car seat and other fun things for that age (developmentally).

It will be a blur this week with planning and paperwork and all sorts of wonderful things !

I'd love to post a picture, but am clueless. Nicki, can you help?


New baby !

Well she's not a baby, but she's going to be our baby !!

Wu Feng Duo, 25 months, Huzhou City First Social Welfare Institute, Zhejiang, China.

Hang on sweetie mommy & daddy are coming !!