Less painful than expected

Well we survived Christmas. It was much less painful than we expected.

We ended up sharing Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve, it was nice and relaxing, and very enjoyable. I think it helped alot that we all go to different churches now, so we didn't have to church with mom on Christmas Eve. Saved alot of time and headaches, since our kids don't sit thru mass, they go to http://kensingtonchurch.org/children/index3.asp?id=15

Sunday we got up and had a nice relaxing time with presents, waffles and just being together. We made it out the door 45 minutes late to visit Mike's family - which in the grand scheme of things, 45 minutes isn't so bad considering how late we usually are to everything. We had a casualty, the kids presents were lost in the mad dash out the door. I still can't find one of them, Molly unwrapped them and hid both, we managed to find one but not the other.

We had a great time visiting Mike's family. Dinner was awesome and the kids really had fun playing with uncles and cousins. Even Molly seemed to really enjoy herself. And they all slept in the car on the way home, bonus !

We made it to my moms in time for dinner, and since we had shared Christmas the night before, it was just dinner and visiting. Another really awesome and relaxing time.

I am really glad it's over, but it wasn't as bad as I was expecting, so that's a very good thing.



Why does Christmas always suck ass? This is a rhetorical question...

I can't stand the holidays... I really can't. I know I should, for the kids sake if nothing more, but I hope next year when we are overseas we can actually have a normal Christmas without spending half of it in the frigging car... 21 years now I have driven all over for Christmas... it sucks ass.



Mike was offered a job in England with his company. They have a European HQ there and need someone like him. So... that's all I know right now, Mike is still in England working and talking to the higher ups about taking the position and moving us there.

I totally need to learn how to drive on the wrong side of the road !


holy shit !!

I think we're moving to England !!!