This past weekend was a company fun day for me. My company, Arbonne International, has an awesome compensation plan that includes a car allowance for a white Mercedes Benz. An 800.00 monthly car allowance at Region, and a 1000.00 monthly car allowance at Nation.

Once a year they partner with local MB dealers and we all get to Test Drive our Mercedes. Saturday the 24th I got to drive my next car, a CLS550. It was BEAUTIFUL. I can't wait to hit Region.

For now, I am District Manager, but in a couple of months I will make Area Manager, and then on to Regional Vice President and my CLS550!!!



Parent Teacher Conferences

Today was conference day at pre-school. I didn't know what to expect, the last conference I went to was for a senior in high school, who was failing everything.

It turned out to be a really fun meeting. I loved to hear how they play with each other, and other kids, since I don't really see that at home.

The only thing we need to really work on, is .... CLEAN UP !! ROFL !!

If you could see my house, you'd this isn't confined to pre-schoolers... LOL!!


She is less than thrilled with her hearing aid. I think it's overwhelming for her to hear EVERYTHING suddenly, and we are far from a quiet family so there is ALOT to hear!

baby steps, baby steps!


March 15 is my new favorite day of the year!

And it all started out so ordinary too...

We had Molly's initial evaluation with Oakland Schools audiology department on March 15. We expected to go thru the ropes of the baseline hearing tests and them sending us on our way to our local school districts early intervention program with some type of plan in place for therapy and all that...

What we didn't know, is that they would provide her with a loaner hearing aid until we can hammer out all this crazy insurance coverage stuff.


It's not the ideal type of hearing aid for her, but it gets her hearing to within NORMAL RANGE !!!!!! NORMAL !!!!!!! NORMAL !!!!!!!!

And if that wasn't wonderful enough... I had a message on my answering machine when we got home from that appt that we have been approved for Robby's student loan. We had to do a co-signer thing and I was really worried about getting approved since I am not bringing in a full time income with Arbonne (YET!)

Wow... life is soooo good !!!



I have several heroes. My parents, a teacher, and now a new one, my friend Kimmi.

Kimmi is mom to 5. 4 of them were c-sections. When she found out she was pregnant with #5, she wanted to change her pattern of birthing her children. Her husband was against it, most of the Dr's she spoke with were against it. But she kept on looking - and eventually found someone who would help her have the birth of her dreams. A vbac at home. vbac is vaginal birth after cesarean. It's not very common here in America. The standard mentality is once a section, always a section.... but she knew better. She knew many women who had successfully had a vaginal birth after having a section, even more than 1. She knew she could do it too.... and she had a village of women to support her with that concept. We encouraged her, lifted her up, led her to resources and information so that she could have a safe, vbac4 homebirth.

And she did it, last week a home number 5 entered her life in the most beautiful of ways. She pushed her baby out, at home, with her family and the help of a homebirth Dr.

Congrats Kimmi, and happy birthday Nola Catherine !!