The new me

My dear sweet friend N moved a couple of months ago, from Michigan to Texas. It was no small feat, with her many children, pets, and belongings. So it wasn't a surprise when she decided to offer the things she didn't want to move with her to her friends up here. I chose, among other things, a big pile of books. She is the kind of mother I strive to be like, so I knew I couldn't go wrong with anything she had read.

Little did I know there was a book in there that was written about me. Now not about me 'Erin' but about me in general.

It's been like 2 months now, and the whole stack of books is sitting on the back of the toilet tank in the blue bathroom, I thumb thru them once in a while, but I honestly just haven't taken the time to sit down yet and decide what I am going to read first.

The kids were all fussy and lehargic and little lumps yesterday, so I decided that I would crack open one of N's books. I chose 'Get Your Act Together' by The Slob Sisters. It claims to be a 7 day get organized program for the overworked, overbooked and overwhelmed.... little did I know the title should have been 'Erin, get your act together'.

Never have a read a book that spoke to me like this one does. It's a book written especially for dis-organized people. Not people who are natural organizers who want to become more so, but people, like me, who don't have an organizational bone in our body and need baby steps to become - in some small way - more organized. Baby steps, I need baby steps. I can't do the whole flylady thing. It's too overwhelming... I mean...

Have you seen my sink? I have 2 teenagers, and 3 toddlers? Who is their right mind would even consider keeping their sink clean with that much traffic in it !?!? I can't even pee without 7 interruptions, how would I possibly be able to tidy a room in 15 minutes ? I get pulled away a dozen times in 15 minutes to do something for the kids.

So, May will be the month of change for me. Although it technically is still April, I don't think I will finish the book and get my lists together before then, so I will set my sights on May for the start of something new and wonderful. An organized mommy!

Thanks N, I owe you big!


Katie is turning 4

My big girl is 4, we had an awesome birthday for her.




Molly's new hair accessory!

Molly has something new, a hearing aid that actually does the job !!

She LOVES it !!!!!!

I can't wait to post pics, I am beyond happy