My angel furbaby

Hawkeye passed away today. She is up in heaven now with my dad, and my other doggies. I am so sad today.


Christmas Morning

Well Katie certainly had a totally disappointing Christmas Morning. She had asked for a Dora Kitchen from Santa, but the Dora Kitchen is TINY.... and we didn't think a tiny kitchen was a wise choice for 3 grabby toddlers so we got them a HUGE kitchen.... well Katie insists we give the big kitchen away and buy the Dora kitchen. She doesn't know Santa brought it for her at Grandma's house, and hopefully when she finds out this afternoon when we arrive, she will be satisfied.

So... lessons learned.... wrap the presents Santa leaves....buy more little things and wrap em, quantity, not quality at this age....buy the batteries you think you'll need, then double it..... Get the coffee going the night before so the pot is already done by the time you wake up.... when your teenager calls you at 3am to tell you he thinks he heard something on the roof, call him a smartass and hang up....

Molly is still sleeping, she had a rough night. I think we'll be taking the crib down this week and just letting her sleep in our bed with the rest of us. I will just have to get used to the wiggling she does, or maybe just drink more before going to sleep at night... LOL


Oh and I have to put my dog to sleep today... she's been at the ER Vet since yesterday at 2pm, and is going downhill despite all of their efforts (it's a 24 hour place so she's had lots of care and treatment). I have to somehow find 3 hours to drive to Romeo and back today... and have 2 celebrations with families.


2 lbs !

Molly now weighs 23 lbs. She has gained 2lbs in just a few weeks. I knew she looked chubbier !!

We had our follow-up with the pediatrician today. We had her titers checked, to see which immunizations were effective in China. it seems our girl got ALL vaccinated in China, so no need to stick her again until it's her scheduled time ! She has immunity to everything.


CT Scan tomorrow

Molly's CT scan is tomorrow morning. They will sedate her so they can get good still pics of her little ears. Hopefully she won't react adversly to the meds. I'm really nervous, but excited at the same time becaue we'll finally know just what is going on in there!

Katie is teaching Molly all sorts of things. The latest, how to blow bubbles with your spit. Oh the joys of motherhood.

Mike and I are busy sorting thru toy boxes and bins to make room for what will likely be the biggest Christmas in history. Since we have no basement in this house, space/storage is really limited. We need to out the old to make room for the new.

Robby got a phone call yesterday, he's been accepted into Hallmark Institute of Photography (www.hallmark.edu) We are soooo proud of him, it's a pretty elite school, only about 300 students per year are accepted. So in Fall of 2007 he will be in Turners Falls MA.

Happy week before Christmas.


OMG (that's for Robby)

Molly had her ENT appt today, and it went extremely well.

She tried on a BAHA - a bone anchored hearing aid. Hers happens to be worn on a stretchy headband because she isn't old enough to implant it where is needs to sit permenantly. It was just a test run to see how she would do with it, but boy did she do FANTASTIC !!

She changed immediately after the turned that little thing on. Lively and happy and friendly and active. It was nothing short of a miracle. We could tell right away that she could hear better, she clapped and danced and raced around in her little stiff legged hobble she does. She didn't try to fiddle with it once, and by the look on her face it opened up an entire world to her.

We are overjoyed.

Now we need to find a way to pay for it, blue cross doesn't cover it, although we have done a bit of research online and have found out that occasionally they do cover it with the right wording and circumstances, so hopefully we can 'work the system' to get this done for her quickly. Otherwise it will be a long long time before we can come up with the money to pay for it.

In the meantime, we are so lucky to have had the opportunity to see a little bit into the future and know that one day soon, Molly will be wearing her own snazzy BAHA headband !!


2 days in a row

2 days in a row now I have managed to get all 3 kids down for a nap at the same time, all without any drugs. Woo hoo !!!

I even napped yesterday with all of them, but today I am taking advantage of some quiet time.


ENT this week

Molly sees the ENT on Thursday. They will do a hearing test on her, and hopefully the numbers will be MUCH better than the numbers she got in China.

I'm very nervous for her, I know it will be a difficult appointment. Mike and I will both be there, and Katie & Colin have pre-school that morning so they will be occupied!

Molly and I are going to Toys R Us tomorrow morning, I hope I can get everything I need on my list in 1 trip. Too bad the grandma's don't want anything from Toys R Us, it would make my shoppin much easier !!!!


No news is good news

I know, I haven't posted in what, 10 days. We've been busy !!!

There really isn't anything new to report. Molly continues to adjust well here, the kids are getting more used to her and she is getting more used to the dogs.

I'd post pictures but my computer ate the last 50 or so I took..... so nothing new.


Just for me post

I started Jenny Craig today. My food choices and portion size is out of control. I eat all the time and it's usually nothing but junk.

I don't need to be back to my pre-wedding size, but I want to be at least close to it.

I am tired of not fitting into anything I own, and not wanting to buy new clothes until I lose some weight but somehow never getting off my duff to lose anything. And I HATE how I look in shorts... not that I need to worry about shorts in December up here, but hell, summer will be here before I know it.