Great weekend

Perfect weekend, well except for the rain.

Yesterday was sooo cool out. I woke up shivering with the window open in the bedroom. Pulled up the comforter and slept a while longer in the 50 degree weather.

Mom took me Costco'ing yesterday. It was like a birthday AND christmas! Kids got stuff, Mike got stuff, I got stuff, even Robby got stuff. It was great! All in 2 hours.

I worked on cleaning most of the afternoon, Katie's room was my main focus, but I busted that out, did the bathroom and headed into the kitchen for some deep cleaning. More than halfway done in there, and today I will be wrapping up kitchen, living/dining room and hallway. The rest of the week will be spent on the family room and downstairs bath/laundry room. I'm determined to have it all done by Wednesday, or even Tuesday.

I am hosting a big CAbi party here on Thursday evening. For those of you who don't know CAbi, it's a home party company clothing company. The styles are awesome, functional and interchangable! Check it out, www.cabionline.com

Friday is Robby's birthday/going away party, and little Mike's birthday party. We're combining everything. I've got most of the food ordered/bought and they have lots of friends coming. I can't believe in 1 week Rob will be moving. It makes me want to barf.


It's Approved !!!

We just got a call from University of Michigan, Hear USA has gotten Molly's BAHA soft band AND the processors covered by BC/BS Michigan !!!

That means Molly will shortly have the right kind of hearing aid ! Which will be HUGE for her learning ability, especially with school starting on Sept. 10th!

Yeah for her, yeah for us !!! What a huge relief this is.