A house!

Well thank the good Lord for providing for us yet again. We were able to apply, and qualify for the house we both love! In the best neighborhood in all of AZ. (although I am sure some people will debate that).

Here is a shot of the great room, a bedroom is on each side there. Door to the left is door to the back porch, facing east with lots of sunshine.

It's lovely, very much an adobe feel and look to it, and in back of the house is a nature trail/path for the community.

It is the 'greenest' community in AZ. Very very eco friendly. We are going to fit in perfectly! Too bad mike left the rain barrels in Michigan!


We went to THE mountain today

Wow, did we have fun, except when Katie barfed in the car from going all mario andretti on the VERY curvy road. It took more than an hour to get to the top of Mt. Lemmon. And the temp. went from 89, to 54 at the tippy top. It was just breathtaking though, we saw 3 coyotes (alive) and much to Katie's dismay, no Mountain Lions today. She's a little unclear of the concept there, we got a hand out when we entered the state park yesterday, What to do when attacked by a mountain lion. Not what to do IF attacked, but what to do WHEN attacked. yea, like it happens daily or something here... I dunno... but they apparently like to eat kids.


Adjusting to time change is tough

Especially with 3 little kids, who are now all on different schedules... ack!

I tried to keep them all up last night until at least 8pm, well Katie passed out at 7. So that got her up early today, like 5am. And that woke Colin up, and shortly thereafter the noise of those 2 woke Molly. So as of right now, I have 2 kids 'resting' in the bedroom - I hope at least Molly takes a nap. She needs about 10-12 hours of sleep a day to be a happy child, and it's been several weeks since she has gotten that, and she is a nightmare child now. Constant fuss. Whining, carrying on at every little thing.

And my sleep deprivation is kicking my ass... I can feel it in every inch of my body, I ache, I am sore, I am crabby too. And sooo headachey.

I hope this clears up soon. I am beyond exhausted. but hell, it's 90 here and no snow in our forecast, so it's not ALL bad !!!


We're here!

Wow, glorious. I never have seen anything like Tucson. It is incredibly beautiful, friendly, hot!

The pool is big, and comfy. The fireplace (in the background of the pool shot) is so cool! The mountain shot is what I see from my parking spot. Views like this in every direction. So pretty!


Robby's Home !!

Woo hoo !!!!!

I picked him up this morning at the airport. Yay yay yay !! My baby boy is home !!!!



Why is it that I pack and pack and pack and it doesn't look like anything has been done !!!!



Mike and Robby will leave on Oct. 13th and me and the kids will fly down on the 17th. We won't be back until summer 2009 so if you want to see us before then, come on by !!!