the Dr. said I don't have to wear the Cam Walker anymore, buh-bye !!! It's like I have been released from prison!!!

(mine was shorter in the leg, like above the bottom velcro strap)

Now I can walk around Minneapolis without that HUGE thing slowing me down!!!

A boy and his dog

Colin and his pal Bailey. What being best friends is really all about !


Church bitch

I just need to bitch a little bit about Church.

I love my church, I love it so much I volunteer 2x a month on the coffee team. We arrive at 7:30 and make and serve coffee for church-goers. We are supposed to have at least 5 people on each shift, to cover 2 coffee stations and the kitchen where the big coffee makers are. I have been doing this for almost 18 months. It makes me feel good giving my time to the church, since we can't afford to put much into the offering box.

Well here is my bitch...

I have a broken heel, and am in a funky brace thing for the unforseeable future. Therefore I need someone to cover one stinking shift for me. My coffee team is huge, like 35 people... I sent out an email asking for help a week ago... and NOBODY has offered to help...

What is wrong with people? I am not asking because I want to go to the beach or decided last minute to go away for the weekend or whatever, I have a broken heel for God's sake. I am in a funky brace thing half way up my f'ing leg.... I can't possibly stand and move around like coffee team requires for 3+ hours... seriously...

I'm just so surprised by people these days... blows my mind ...


Photos !!

Colin's haircut. Molly, Katie



Katie and Colin want to take dance class. Thankfully I found a reasonably priced place in Royal Oak that they both can attend, at the same time in different classes !

I've been kicking around the idea of homeschooling Katie & Colin this fall, but have decided to send them to pre-school. I think it will do them good for the social interaction, and it will do me good to have them out of the house a few hours a week. So Katie will attend 3 mornings and Colin will attend the other 2. Molly will go to school M-Th and the bus will drive her! I am so happy for that opportunity. Whew.

Robby goes off to Massachusetts in a month. While part of me is happy for him, part of me (ok, just a sliver of a part really) will miss his smart mouthed surly ass.

I get a vacation in 2 weeks. I am going to Minnesota for 3 days for work ( www.tastefullysimple.com/web/edowsley ). Our big National Convention - 3 days of parties and celebrations, I can't wait !!

I am in a walking cast. I fractured my heel, and tore a tendon in the bottom of my foot ( plantar fascia). I don't know how long I have to wear it, but at least another month or so... Thankfully I can take it off to sleep, shower, and even dip in the pool!

Pictures in next post !