New Job

I joined a new direct sales company. I have finally found my match. It took a few years of researching lots and lots of direct sales companies... lots, and lots... and I learned alot along the way, but I am sure that this is it for me.

ID - 484641
Token - WAHM

I've always been crafty, ever since I was little I loved doing crafts and this is the perfect job for me.


Illness, ugh!

We have been sick since Thanksgiving.

It seems that every single week, someone is not well, sometimes its little things, and sometimes, like the past week, has been huge things.

One of my friends blamed it on school. With 3 kids in 3 different classes, we are bound to catch lots of stuff. She says that her homeschooled kids are rarely sick. I've really been on the fence about the whole homeschool issue, but I tell ya, if it means we'll be well, then sign me up.

So now while we struggle to get everyone well, we need to decide about school. Molly really needs to be in school. I need her to be in school. But Katie and Colin... well I can certainly homeschool them. Especially when preschool and kindergarten are optional school grades here in MI.

We just have to get well, Mike and I are taking turns napping, we are both so sick. Katie randomly vomits, Colin has the runs and Molly had a horrible cold but now seems to be much better. That's probably too much info, huh?



We got snow on New Years. Alot of snow. 10 inches or so. Big, fluffy, sticky, snow man making snow. Perfect snow man making snow actually, too bad I felt so crappy or I woulda been out there making a stellar one. Our neighbor made one, Mike calls it the snow man made by Martha Stewart. It even has a corn cob pipe. She went all out. Mike made one but it's tiny and it's head is WAY too small for it's body. Mike said he was too cold to make a big one... wah.

Since the snow is so heavy/sticky - the trees are COVERED. Every single branch has a beautiful blanket of snow. It looks AMAZING. I went to pick Katie up at school today and had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road, it was just such a spectacular sight to see. It's times like these I really thank God for letting me experience so much beauty.

(pics coming soon!)