Early Birthday gift !

My awesome mom gave me an early birthday gift today!!!

Money to buy a plane ticket for my oldest, Robby, to come home from college at Thanksgiving. Now you may be thinking that it's really a present for Robby, but actually I think it's the best present I have had in a REALLY, REALLY long time.

Robby has been gone since August 26th, and not an hour goes by without me thinking about him. Is that unhealthy? I miss him terribly. Even tho we text message and IM each other daily, it's not the same.

And last night he was sick, and I wasn't there to take care of him. Do you know how much that sucks?

Anyhow, I am so happy that my mom gave me an early present. Now I can look forward to spending some time (albeit a little time since I will be sharing him with his friends and girlfriend)


Molly's 1st day on the school bus ! Miss Kathy and Miss Kim take very good care of her en-route !
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Me and my boy

Today is a first...

Molly and Katie are both in school from 9-2, and Colin and I are all by ourselves... we have never had this much time alone before, well this much time awake. So I had loads of things planned. Shopping, park, playing games, working in a workbook...

Well... my dreams were shattered... he wants to play with his trains... alone.

Wah !!!!

My kids are growing up !!!


Molly's New School

We visited Molly's new school yesterday. It was the best experience ever for her. The class is for hearing impaired/deaf children, aged 2-4, and Molly at 3.5 is the oldest ! All of the children have hearing aids of some type, and Molly joined right into the fun of class time as soon as we got there !

She will be going Monday thru Friday from 9am-2pm. All day !! I need to buy a lunchbox for her !! I can't believe my baby is going to all day school !! She will get bussed too, what a wonderful joy that will be (except to Katie, who is soooo angry that SHE can't ride a bus too).

Molly has her fitting on Tuesday at U of M for her new BAHA processor. She will need bi-lateral aids, but they only sent 1, we will use it and in the meantime the audiologist will order another one so she can hear on both sides.

It was such an amazing day !!!