Job detail

No job yet, 3 prospects.

1. stay in MI, take the 1099 job for decent money, pay our own health care and taxes. 75% probability of keeping house.

2. move to Charleston SC, hire in directly with a cool company doing IT Architect stuff, live close (or on) the beach and watch pirate ships all day long. Wasn't Hurricane Fay just there?

3. move to Phoenix AZ, contract to hire with a big finance company doing IT Administrator stuff, live in the desert, sell riding lawn mower and snow blower to Whitelaw. 5 hours from Robby. It's a dry heat.

We will hear about job 1 on Monday, and that will lead to flying out for jobs 2 and 3 for interviews and hopefully an offer, should job 1 not pan out. Sometimes I think we should just get a dart board out and pick... but really we hope number 1 pans out. Number 2 and 3 are pretty much tied for 2nd place. Both have advantages and disadvantages....


My big girl

Katie goes off to Kindergarten in a few days. I can't believe I will have 2 in school this year. I never thought the day would come (and part of me hoped it wouldn't ever come)

It will just be Colin and I in the mornings. I am really looking forward to a different dynamic in the house with a whole new routine for all 3 of them.

Will post 1st day of school pix on Tuesday! In the meantime, head over to Robby's blog and check it out.



My husband's other family

I've been keeping a big secret. My husband has another family he tends to. He babies them and cares for them as if they were helpless... PUMPKINS !


Job vibes needed!

Mike has lots of job interviews in the next week, please please send prayers and good thoughts that something turns up soon for us.


Birthday pictures

My niece had a tea party birthday this past weekend. Here are a few photos to make you giggle.

The one with the man in it is one of my favorites, that's a state trooper friend of my brothers trying to get Molly's sugar in her little tea cup. It's so funny because it's a tender side we rarely see in him.

Panic sucks...

In 3 days, Mike will be done with his current contract with work. And as of this minute, they have nothing for him... so that means no work, no job, no money... The timing sucks major ass... I know I have so much to be thankful for... but crap... what the fuck?

On a slightly brighter side, it's forced Mike to get back out there with his resume and make contact with the MANY MANY recruiters/friends/old co-workers in his field, to look for something new... and he just may have found it in Atlanta.... hotlanta.

And if that isn't enough panic... a cousin of mine, who is only a couple of years older than me, had a stroke this past weekend. She's a stay at home mom of 3 kids. She has the same types of health issues that I have.... what does it all mean? She can't move... how does this happen?




I really love watching the olympics. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it in 2004, but as I sit here watching, it all comes back.... I really really love watching all the different sports, and hearing the commentary and learning about the athletes, it is so interesting... does that make me dull? That sounded so dull... LOL!



Whoever invented 'Freecycle' needs a nobel prize.

I've been able to unload all sorts of things we no longer need/want, and in return have gotten so many wonderful and USEFUL things! Just today I made 2 trips out to pick up storage boxes for us !! WOO HOO!!!

Less in the landfill, and lots of happy campers.