So much to be grateful for

I have been trying to keep gratitude in the front of my mind the last couple of weeks.

Thought I would just post it here to share:

The kids are in swim lessons, and doing so well! I can't believe how well Katie is swimming on her own, and Molly & Colin are getting comfortable in the water, learning to kick and put their faces in.

Mikes job is going great. He really seems to enjoy the work he is doing, and the people on the team. It's such a great company.

My mom is doing surprisingly well for someone who needs a shoulder replacement. She fell on Feb. 6th and has been in and out of care facilities while Drs try to figure out what is wrong, what to do, who should do it, who is in charge, etc... She will have it replaced in August.... more than 6 months after the initial injury... LOVE our health care system. (heavy sarcasm...)

Robby is doing FANTASTICALLY in LA. He is so talented and is really getting recognized for it. Check out his website, http://www.robdowsley.com

I'm doing well, really well. I haven't felt this good in about 20 years. My health has improved a great deal. My joints don't ache, my back doesn't hurt, my thyroid isn't whacking me out. I have even started to train for a 5k. Who would have thought.

And we get to see sunsets like this on a regular basis. Of course this helps a great deal in re-charging ones batteries and touching ones soul.

I am SOOOOO lucky!


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