I keep meaning to come and post more often, but heck, life is busy right now. Katie is done with school for the 08-09 year, and will start back up again in mid July. Molly has a few more weeks of school to go, and Colin has been working on homeschool stuff still. I will probably do homeschool work with Katie and Colin over the summer, and if it goes well, skip public school altogether.

Mike's job is going well, it is so comforting to feel job security.

New puppy is settling in ok, a little rough still with the peeing and pooping in the house, but she is tiny, and just needs to go out more often. We continue to work with her and hope for the best. Some puppy classes will help with her barking, can't wait to start those!

Robby is doing fantastic. He got repped, which is like an actor getting an agent. The rep will line up with for him, hopefully on a steady basis, since she only reps a few photographers.

I've decided to stop selling Tastefully Simple. I don't want to be away in the evenings for home parties, I want to be home with my family having fun and exploring the neighborhood, swimming, biking, enjoying the neighbors. I have decided to join another direct sales company. I was involved with a direct sales company a few years ago, Arbonne. With the economy taking a turn for the worse, it was hard to sell face cream at 90.00 a jar. But my new company isn't like that at all. I really feel I am in the right company at the right time. And the products are amazing. I have been using them since March and already have experienced significant changes in my health and well-being.

If you want to know more, check out: http://my.waiora.com/videos/company.php?v=the_business

Peace out