Great Molly News !!

We received approval for the supplemental special needs insurance for Molly's BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid). We will only have to pay 1/5 of the cost with this plan, and since our regular health insurance (Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan) won't cover ANYTHING relating to it, (f'ers....) this is a HUGE relief for us financially.

Once she is enrolled (after a mountain of paperwork is filled out) she can get right to hearing !!!!

Arbonne International


Disney 3

Disney part 2

Molly at Disney


Disney here we come !

we're off to Disney for the week, I hope to have many many photos when we come back!


What an amazing day

I went to a personal growth seminar yesterday. It was damn near the very best day of my entire life. I learned so much about myself, why I do some of the negative things I do, why I think the way I do, and how to change it ALL. It was so powerful to learn these things. To have faith in myself, give myself permission to be successful.

2007 is going to be my personal best. Of this I am totally sure.



Looking back on the 8 weeks that Molly has been home, she has accomplished sooooo much.

When she first came home, she barely moved. She couldn't walk well, wouldn't explore beyond where she was put down, didn't want anything to do with food, didn't like the bath, was terrified of the dogs, was so shy and withdrawn she wouldn't make eye contact or have any expression when anyone came over.

She now runs, dances, twirls and even can jump on the bed, and I mean jump with bended knees and the whole thing.

She not only explores, she can climb up AND down the stairs, get up and down off all the furniture, loves to be in places she shouldn't be (bathroom, kitchen).

She eats almost everything. Her favorite is mcnuggets and fries from McDonalds with lots of ketsup. She loves to try anything in a glass or bottle, pop, water, coffee, milk, juice, although she still likes to drink out of the dog bowl....(sigh)

I can't get her OUT of the bath. She LOVES it, especially when I turn the jets on and it makes bubbles. She will sit while the entire tub drains, and then sit some more before she finally relents and lets me get her out of the tub. She likes to have her hair washed, soap all over her body and she is such a good little helper, she will help wash Katie and Colin too.

She adores the dogs and the cats. She will chase them around and just giggle with glee. She tries to pet them, and tickle them. She is especially interested when the dogs wrestle/play and they make noise and bark at each other. She loves to try to bark back at them.

She has turned into a very outgoing and friendly girl. She waves at EVERYONE. She will blow kisses to most people too. She gives a ready smile and is always willing to give high-fives. She still doesn't like many people to pick her up, but even that is changing quickly.

She is the best sleeper in the whole family. And she can dress herself better than Katie can dress herself, and Katie is a whole year older than Molly.

And right this minute she is standing in our play kitchen, with a pretend chicken drumstick up to her mouth just jabbering away into it and swaying back and forth, it looks like she is singing into her microphone.

Motherhood is sooo amazing.