3 weeks

Only 3 weeks roughly, til we move. Mike starts work on Oct. 20th. It will take about 4 days to drive out there, and I think a couple of days in Tucson before he needs to start to work would be best.... So we're looking at leaving on the 11th or 12th. Well, Mike would leave then....I will probably fly down with the kids towards the end of the week. We'll hammer it out as it gets closer. We just need to figure out how to get 2 cars down there.

Anyone wanna buy a mustang? 3500. ( need brakes)

Facebook Parking Wars

addicted, addicted. I bought a new car for 800,000 and it lets me park in all the no parking zones. I wanted to buy the clown car but I didn't have enough cash.

I spend like an hour of my day moving my cars from parking spot to parking spot. Must.stop.the.madness... or get my friends to join me so there are more places to park!!!


Moving container comes on Wednesday

We have ordered the moving containers to come Wednesday, that gives us a few days now to continue packing, and about a week to pack all the big stuff, then we are off, like a herd of crippled turtles (as my mom would say) to Arizona. We hope to leave by Oct. 13th. 2 more weeks in Michigan !!!



My friend Kim came over today with her 2 boys, and with their amazing help, I packed 8 boxes !! I also got rid of 2 bags of garbage and 3 bags of clothes for goodwill.

Woo hoo !

Thank you soooo much Kim, David & Danny for all your wonderful company and help today! You're coming back when? hehehe


When life gives you lemons

Ya might as well fall down the stairs with them and tear a ligament in your ankle... right?

I'm out of commission for about 6 weeks... so who wants to come pack up my house for me !!!?

I think Mike is about to KILL me... he is so stressed and now this... UGH!


The post you've been waiting for

We are moving to:


Pretty much immediately, as soon as we can pack up the house.

Thank goodness Mike found work, too bad it's across the country. But a job i s a job and this one is a wonderful opportunity for him !!!



I'm addicted to facebook. Between cultivating my lil green patch, to arranging my flair, to vying for spots in parking wars, and checking everyone's status a million times a day, it's an addiction. I wonder if this is what crack is like?


Food pantry

Thank God for food pantries. A friend brought food over the other day for us. She got it from her church food pantry. What a blessing for us. We can eat.

Being unemployed sucks, bad.


Brilliant Idea number 37


How do people survive?

How do they survive a job loss? Mike has been out of work 5 weeks now, and with unemployment kicking in, how do people live? With car insurance, RX costs, gas/electric, food, car lease, bankruptcy ruling - that's not even considering cable/phone/cell/cobra health insurance/pet needs.

Why is our society like this? Mike makes too much in unemployment to get assistance... we need at least 1 phone so he can get calls for job prospects. We need our medications, it's not like they are recreational, if we don't take them we will get really sick (or psychotic, lol)


No Phoenix

Phoenix is out, they didn't feel like it was the right fit. Bummer. We keep looking.


The little things...

I watched Mike mow the lawn today. Out there on the riding mower, making beautiful paths in our too tall grass. The under grass was insanely green, and looked so soft... it got me thinking...

If we move to Boston or NYC, we won't have grass. It will be the asphalt jungle. Sure there will be parks for us to play in, but it won't be our lawn. Unless of course we live in the boondocks and Mike commutes in. Mike is not a good commuter... so I think the compromise there will be mine, not his.

If we move to Phoenix, no grass. Just sand, and rock. Now it's beautiful sand and rock, but still, no grass.

It got me wondering about all the other things we will be losing with the move. Snow perhaps? Fall foliage? Tornadoes? Mosquitos? It's pointless to worry about any of it, we need to go where there is work, if it means going to Edmonton Alberta, where the temp is in the negatives most of the winter... or Phoenix, where the temp is over 100 for 6 months out of the year. We can adapt, as long as there is a job.

I always thought when people moved, they targeted a certain area, west coast, south east, etc.. and then found a job and moved. We're a little backwards in that, we're going to go wherever the job is, with very few exceptions. We've bounced all over the US, from the SE to the NE to the SW to the NW and lots of places in between. We've considered states and cities we never thought we would live in (Cali for me, NYC for Mike). We've had to look at what our needs are, as opposed to our wants. Sure I want a big glorious house on a beach somewhere, nice ocean breezes, central air, walk in closets. But we don't need that, we can make due with a 1100 sq ft apt in Boston, or NYC, or even New Jersey. (NJ is like a swear word to me... LOL)

I'm still packing a box or two a day...


And it begins...

Mom, I don't feel good, I can't go to school...

It's already started, day 5 into kindergarten.

What the heck do I do? She isn't sick, she just doesn't know anyone in school, and is typically so shy to begin with. It's like she and Colin are polar opposites. He LOVES working on school work, and Katie HATES it. He LOVES colors and numbers and rhymes and all that, and she is only interested in barbie.com and nail polish colors!

God help me...


Happy Birthday !

Happy Birthday Mikey !! My wonderful hubby's birthday is tomorrow. We celebrated big tonight, way too much wine, some amazing ribs, and lots of family !!


Updated job stuff

Well the Michigan job is out. They low-balled the f out of him. How insulting to say 1 rate, then come in with 50k LESS in the official offer. Seriously... fuckers...

So that was our only Michigan job. The others are all out of state, and so far, no offer for anything.

So we wait, and we pray, and hope something comes soon or we will be both working at home depot.