Oh, and we got 2 new dogs yesterday


Been overwhelmed with the magnitude in which I need to get things ready for Mike to travel. We don't have ANY idea when that will be, but it's like packing the bag for labor and delivery, you should pack early.

I really should get all the paperwork together, diapers, wipes, clothes, shoes, gifts.... Mike can pack his own clothes and stuff but I should pack the rest.

And on top of that, the bathroom remodel is STILL going on (since MAY!!) and we're in the middle of fixing up our backyard (looks like bosnia). I've hired a painter and he will start next week doing lots of painting - kitchen, living/dining rooms, 2 bathrooms, hallway, foyer, master bedroom.

Oh and I am hosting a potluck tomorrow and really don't feel like cleaning or mopping... it's just such a bah humbug day, and already way too hot and humid to move much.



I know we did the whole adoption process backwards/sideways/upside down... and whoever said hindsight was 20/20 ought to win the Nobel Prize.

We started with NSN - as young as possible with GWCA. After 5 months of being turned down for children on our *own* agencies waiting child list, we looked on other lists to see if our daughter was somewhere - waiting for us to find her.

We did find her, on Small World Adoption's waiting child list. A stranger on the WCC list emailed me provately to suggest I look at their list, she said yes they do work with other agencies, and they are such a wonderful group of people to work with. Boy was THAT an understatement. The China coordinator was AMAZING. It felt like we were old friends immediately. She was so encouraging and positive.

So in hindsight, the next time we paperchase - we will find our child, then do the rest. This bouncing back and forth and not knowing which agency is in charge of what, it is really stressful.

But really, it's a wash in the end and we won't even remember this part of it once we have Molly home. Just like labor. You have no recollection of it once it's over.

Many blessings for a peaceful weekend. And here's to hoping loads of TA's come next week !!


How many times a day can I check the weather in Huzhou China !? I feel like that's the closest I can be to her right now. And it's Africa hot there this month, my poor little muffin. I hope she doesn't have prickly heat. *I'd* have prickly heat in that weather !

I am gathering things for Molly's care package. A blanket we have been sleeping with. A bear that has different textures on each paw. A little photo album, pictures of Mike mostly - since he will be the one traveling (sniff) and her new bedroom, the front of our house, Katie & Colin and a group shot of the dogs (so she won't be afraid of their size). Some safety suckers for the kids in Huzhou SWI, and some cremesavers and lotions for the nannies. I am thinking of packing some clothes in there, but am confused about the whole 'split pants' thing... I have loads of little sleepers I could send, but am afraid they won't be useful to the children there. I wish I could pack myself in the box. I know she is being taken care of but I want to be the one taking care of her ! I cannot wait !!

Colin has a fever today, I expect he is getting the strep throat I had last week... which (to me) is odd since I was on antibiotics that gave HIM diahhrea (we are still breastfeeding)... the antibiotics should be in his system... he isn't acting sick, marching around like the little twinkle toes that he is. Mike calls him Colin Michael Flatley, lord of the dance. Time will tell what's happening with his little body, I have plenty of tylenol and pedialite on hand, and mommy milk too.

we're off to watch my favorite movie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

Have a peaceful 4th of July.