Random Sugar Words

Random Sugar Words is the definition of how my mind works, it jumps from one little tidbit to another, randomly. This post will be about that.

My broken ankle is not healing. I am in more pain now than I have been in several weeks. Is it the weather? (it's been monsoon season here, so damp, etc...) Is it that I am doing more on it than I am supposed to? (probably). Will I need surgery? Maybe? But not until I get home from MI, that's for sure.

Colin has started speech therapy for his stutter. From here forward the stutter will be called his bumpy speech, where it hits a bump or two and gets stuck in his throat. He seems quite comfortable with that explanation, and we have some ideas on how to help him overcome it. We will see the therapist once a week.

Katie and Colin will be homeschooled this year. I am so excited to be doing it. Now we can go to MI without worrying about them missing so much school. On the other hand, Molly will be missing quite a bit of school... not good, but unavoidable. She can't stay here with Mike while I go up to MI.

My mom will be having bypass and a valve replacement in August, i will be traveling with the 3 kids up to MI to be with her and care for her as she recovers. I won't be able to go to the bar - so don't be all pissed when I say no. I am not here for a visit, I am there to be a caregiver to my mother, and to give my brother and SIL a MUCH needed break.

Mike gets to be a bachelor for 4-6 weeks while I am gone. I have no doubt he will fill his downtime with mountain biking and WOW.


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