English Exam


Flipping cold

We're all sick. Coughing, sneezing, wheezing, fussy little messes. Mommy included. It's been almost a week now, and I STILL can't breathe !!

But... enuff whining.... for your viewing pleasure...

Miss Molly, October 2007

Molly October, 2006


My latest obsession

I am finally at a stage in my mommy life where it is no longer impossible to read a book. Hell, for a couple of years there I was just reading the same page, in the same book, over and over... I couldn't get any further, with the interruptions, the drama, the diapers, and the forgetfulness that comes with massive sleep deprivation having 2 kids 5 months apart...

But I have passed the hurdle, I can read again, whole pages, chapters, even books !!

So with this new found freedom, I have spread my wings and found this :


woo hoo !!!!

Trick or Treat!

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We had a wonderful Halloween

Molly was Cinderella, Colin was Thomas and Katie was Tinkerbelle.