And in other news...

Well I am still working on getting organized. We had a garage sale here last weekend, and while we did get ALOT of stuff sold, our house looks the same on the inside. Like a tornado went thru it.

So it's a work in progress, I did manage to organize the living room mostly, and will work on the dining room and family room this weekend. I'll next work on the bedrooms, which should take me all summer... LOL


I got a new book yesterday from Borders, Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles... I have always found it cumbersome to knit with double points, they are such slippery little suckers. And I LOVE circ knitting, so the concept of knitting socks with circs thrills me!


Molly made local news 2 weeks ago:



My friend is on her way to Taiwan to pick up her new daughter, I am sooooo insanely happy for her. She's going to make an awesome mommy !!


That's it for now, lots of little things, but good things nonetheless!